How To Partner With OYO Rooms – Make Money With OYO Partner Program

 How To Partner With OYO- Make Money With OYO Partner Program


For booking a hotel room, Oyo Rooms is a renowned and popular name today but Oyo Rooms is not only provides you a good room in a best hotel also OYO giving you the opportunity to make money by joining there OYO Partner Program. The OYO Partner Program offers an opportunity to generate income by partnering with OYO, a prominent hospitality company. By joining the program, property owners can list their accommodations on OYO’s platform and benefit from increased visibility and bookings. OYO provides a user-friendly interface, extensive marketing reach, and access to a vast customer base. Moreover, they offer support in managing bookings, pricing, and customer service. This collaboration allows property owners to monetize their spaces efficiently and tap into the global hospitality market, ultimately maximizing their revenue potential. Joining the OYO Partner Program can be a lucrative venture for individuals looking to earn money through their properties.
In this article, we will tell you about What is OYO Rooms, What is the Business Model Of OYO Rooms, and How to Join the OYO Partner Program.

What Is OYO Rooms?



OYO Rooms, also known as OYO Hotels & Homes, is an multinational hospitality chain of leased and franchised hotels, homes and living spaces. OYO Rooms is founded in 2012 by Ritesh Agarwal, OYO initially consisted mainly of budget hotels.
About OYO 
Business Name               On Your Own OYO Hotels and Homes
Founded                         2012
Founder                          Ritesh Agarwal
Headquarters                  Gurugram, Haryana, India
Area Served                    Asia, Europe and America

OYO Rooms Registration


OYO Rooms is the biggest brand of Inns and Hotels at present working in India and Malaysia. The plan of action of OYO Rooms Business have highlights of an aggregator plan of action yet with some bend.
OYO Rooms is a hospitality company that offers a convenient online platform for booking hotel accommodations. The registration process for OYO Rooms involves creating an account by providing personal details such as name, contact information, and email address. Once registered, users can access a wide range of affordable and standardized hotel rooms across various locations. OYO Rooms aims to provide a hassle-free booking experience for travelers and ensure quality stays at budget-friendly prices.

Business Model Of Oyo Rooms

Oyo Rooms business model is an inn and hotel aggregator model. The clients purchase the service from Oyo Rooms and could not care less who accomplice is. OYO provides rooms institutionalized quality and price. Business model of OYO Rooms is unique and profitable. Oyo doesn’t concentrate just on the discoverability of the accomplice among the clients yet additionally on the institutionalized nature of the service given.
OYO Rooms operates on a business model known as the “managed marketplace.” As a managed marketplace, OYO acts as an intermediary between hotel owners and guests. OYO partners with independent hoteliers, offering them technology, branding, and operational support to improve the quality of their properties. OYO standardizes and upgrades these hotels to meet its quality standards. The rooms are then listed on OYO’s platform, where guests can easily search, book, and pay for accommodations. OYO earns revenue through commissions or fees charged to hotel owners for each booking made through their platform.

Revenue Model Of OYO Rooms 

OYO Rooms business has a basic but good revenue model: 
1. OYO Rooms books a piece of the hotel cost. OYO charges a commission fee from hotel owners for each booking made through their platform. This fee is typically a percentage of the booking value.
2. OYO Rooms provides their customers institutionalized quality such as free Wi-Fi, neat and clean toilets, and so on. OYO negotiates discounted rates with hotel owners and earns a margin by reselling the rooms at a higher price to guests.
3. OYO offers a subscription-based loyalty program called OYO Wizard, where customers pay a membership fee to access exclusive discounts and benefits. This provides an additional source of revenue for OYO.
4. OYO promotes and sells additional services such as food and beverages, airport transfers, and other ancillary services to guests, earning revenue through these upsells.
5. OYO collaborates with corporate partners to provide accommodations for their employees and business travelers. These partnerships generate revenue through bulk bookings and negotiated rates.
6. OYO has expanded its offerings to include vacation rentals and homestays. It earns revenue by charging a commission or service fee from homeowners for each booking made through their platform.
7. In some cases, OYO enters into franchise or lease agreements with hotel owners, where it manages the entire property operations. OYO earns revenue by collecting room revenues and paying a pre-negotiated share to the property owner.
Overall, OYO Rooms employs a diverse revenue model that combines commissions, margins, subscriptions, ancillary services, corporate tie-ups, and various partnerships to generate its income.

How To Partner With OYO Rooms

If you are a hotel owner or thinking to start your own hotel business and wants to run this business successfully, you can also join the OYO Partner Program and make your business more profitable with them.
You can enjoy smart reservation, housekeeping, and integrated guest experience tools with OYO. Register your hotel with OYO and kickstart your business in just 30 minutes. OYO  provides you seamless payments, easy operations, self onboarding and many services to make your business successful.
For your business growth OYO has transparent policies and easy payments. You can join the OYO Partner Program with an easy process by access to their official Website or link i.e. and the process is given below:
  • Sign-up Process – Click on the “Join Oyo ” button and share your basic details and sign up the process in 30 minutes.
  • Eligibility Criteria – You need a property with 80 sq. ft. each room with attached wash room.
  • Payment frequency – OYO pays all your dues in your account automatically.
  • Commission Charges – Flat 29% service fee or RS. 20 per check-in and GST is also applicable.

After you submit a form or write an email or give a call to partner with OYO Rooms, A Executive from OYO Rooms team will conduct you, they will give you all the information on Terms and condition, they will make you fill an Application form, collect address and ID proof  from you and will make you sign in On OYO Rooms Partnership agreement.

Once the above formalities are done your commercial property, hotel will get OYO Rooms registration and will be listed on OYO Rooms App and website, So you will be ready to accommodate Guest through OYO Rooms.

Why You Should Join OYO Partner Program

After you join OYO Partner Program, the advance tools of OYO will help your business more. Here are so many reasons why you should join the OYO Partner Program : 
  • Self Onboarding – You can self onboard your your business in 30 minutes and grow your business. 
  • Business Operation – You can get support with OYO app, Oyo also helps you to manage the inventory, access to the rea time bookings. 
  • Business Growth – You will achieve 2x revenue with OYO channel. 
  • Hassle-free operations – You’ll have the hassle free operations with OYO includes daily and transparent automated weekly payment.


By joining the OYO partner program, you can unlock a lucrative opportunity to earn money. As a partner, you gain access to a vast network of potential customers and benefit from OYO’s brand recognition. By meeting OYO’s quality standards and optimizing your property listing, you can attract more bookings and increase your revenue. With a focus on guest satisfaction and prompt issue resolution, you can maintain a positive reputation and secure repeat bookings. Leveraging OYO’s marketing channels and collaborating on promotional campaigns enables you to maximize your property’s visibility and profitability. Continuously analyzing performance metrics and adapting to market trends will further enhance your earning potential as an OYO partner.
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Q.1. What percentage does OYO take?
Ans. The percentage that OYO takes from its partners can vary based on various factors such as the region, property type, and specific contractual agreements. Typically, OYO operates on a revenue-sharing model, where they retain a percentage of the booking revenue as their commission.
Q.2. How does OYO partnership works?
Ans. In an OYO partnership, property owners collaborate with OYO to list their properties, attract bookings, and share revenue based on agreed-upon terms. Customers pay a room reservation fee according to their services chosen. The room fee is charged with a few percentage margins of the hotels’ prices.
Q.3. What are the benefits of OYO partner?
Ans. Hotel partners will be receiving benefits in terms of growth – like easy and expedited availability of ‘Cash-in-Bank’ business advance, partnership – customized offers,  and retail vouchers of various brands; and OYO network benefits – like flat discounts on stay at OYO Hotels worldwide.

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