11 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners Without A website – New Business Idea in 2023

11 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners Without A Website – New Business Idea in 2023


Everyone loves to earn some extra income and if you are one of those people who wants to earn passive income, affiliate business is a good option for you. 
Affiliate business with a website can be much easier while providing wider and faster earning opportunities. You can establish perfection in your niche or business idea, leverage more effective and regular growing traffic, and remain freedom of others. But if don’t have a website yet, then also you can make good income with affiliate marketing.
Affiliate program’s are one of the easiest ways to start generating extra income online, without having a website you can start all the efforts of building your site and designing your graphics and logo.
To get started, in this article we will discuss some of the best affiliate programs you can use if don’t have a website and earn a good income and the best affiliate programs are given below:


Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners Without A Website


1. ClickBank 


Without having a website you can earn by joining affiliate programs. You can use online marketing service like ClickBank to promote products.
ClickBank is among the top companies with affiliate programs that appeal to all kinds of marketers. Its affiliate information is completely open to anyone.
ClickBank currently boasts a large number of affiliates who’ve earned billions in commissions promoting ClickBank products.
To become a Clickbank affiliate, you’ll need to start an account, input your personal and payment info,  find products you want to sell and then use them as links in your posts or on social media to generate sales.
Commission rate: Between 50% and 70%, on average.
Payment Cycle: Weekly or bi-weekly.
Payout method: Payoneer, wire transfer, check, direct deposit.
2. ShareASale


 ShareASale is one of the most overlooked affiliate networks out there. ShareASale allows you to share great products with your readers and earn some cash on every sale.
If you don’t have a website yet or don’t know how to use one, ShareASale has you covered with its extensive list of networks that cover practically any niche. Get in touch with them for more information about how their network works and and to find out which networks might be right to your site.
Sign up through them to give it a try-it will only take few minutes of your time and could end up being one of your most attractive decision ever.
ShareASale is one network you should seriously consider signing up for:
URL: ShareASale
Cost: Free
Payment threshold: $50
You get paid; Net 30
3. Amazon Associates


The Amazon Associates program allows you to set up links on your site to Amazon, where customers can purchase goods directly. If someone clicks one of those links and buys something, you earn a good commission.
This is an easy way to monetize even if you don’t have your products or services, just affiliate links on other products and services that you already use. But one thing you keep in your mind is to read all the Terms and Conditions before setting up your account because Amazon may change its terms and conditions anytime.
Amazon Associates helping online marketers make money by advertising to the million of customers that shop on Amazon. When an Amazon affiliates share a link that leads to a sale, they earn referral  fees from the transaction.
To get started as an Amazon affiliate, you just need to do is click the sign up button on the Amazon Associates page.
URL: Amazon Associates
Commission Rate: Anywhere from 1% to 20%, depending on the product type
Payment Cycle: 60 days after the current month ends. Amazon also holds payment until you earn at least $10 as an Amazon Associates.
4. Rakuten LinkShare
Rakuten LinkShare has been around for years, and still one of best affiliate programs but they don’t require you to have your website or product. This program is free and easy to join.
With Rakuten, you can monetize your content by placing affiliate links that link to over 10,000 merchants.
With Rakuten, you can earn commissions from various sources, including digital downloads, coupons, and product sales. It also offers tracking tools to track your performance for each merchant program you join. 
Rakuten is ideal and best affiliate program for beginners without a website because it is easy to use and requires minimal setup. 
URL: Rakuten LinkShare
Commission Rate: 10% commission on purchase , earn up to 100 per sale and receive $3 per lead 
5. Target Analytics 
With Target Analytics you can earn a good income. For this you don’t need a full website, consider setting up an account with Target Analytics. The interface is easy-to-use and relatively intuitive- it only takes about five to seven minutes to set up an account. 
And for just $20 per month, you can track referrals from anyone who clicks on one of your links, plus tracks individual leads and identify content that converts well via segmentation options. 
6. CJ Affiliates 
CJ Affiliates by Conversant is one of our top picks for affiliate networks. The program offers a solid payout, best-in-class security, high approval rates, and more than 100 products to promote. It is easy to get started.
Through CJ Affiliate, beginners without a website can promote products and services from leading brands with just a few clicks. With CJ Affiliate, you have access to thousands of offers and networks all in one place, making it easy to find the right opportunities for your business. 
URL: Commission Junction 
Cost: Free
Payment threshold: $50 
You Get Paid: net 30 
7. Impact
Impact is essentially another big affiliate program. Much like the other big affiliate programs, you’ll find tons of households names on Impact. At time of writing, a grand total of 2,517 brands were using the platform to reach new audiences, with new advertisers joining the network all the time.
For a new person to the world of affiliate program or marketing, Impact’s interface is a lot fancier than most affiliate programs.
Impact’s easy and fantastic features makes it easy for new affiliate marketers to get up and running fast.
URL: impact.com
Cost: Free 
Payment Threshold: Varies by payment method
You Get Paid: Monthly
8. eBay Partner Network 
eBay Partner Network is a great affiliate program for beginners who wants to earn a passive income. eBay is the largest e-commerce platform in the world and it has over 175 million active buyers. eBay offers one of the highest paying affiliate programs. 
The eBay Partner Network is where you can sign up to become an eBay affiliate. eBay gives affiliate the tool they need to promote eBay’s products with as little fuss as possible. With eBay’s extensive catalog of products, you can easily find something to promote on your website or blog that would be attractive to target audience. 
Affiliates can use the program to create referrals to eBay’s marketplace and earn commissions. According to the product type, sales volume, and other factors, commissions are determined. 
URL: ebay Partner Network
Commission: Varies between 50% to 70%,  depending on the product type.
Payment Cycle: Around the 10th day of every month to accounts that have made more than 10 units of a country’s currency i.e. $10 US, €10 etc.

9. Link Share

Link Share is one of the best affiliate program for which you don’t need to maintain a website to use it. It will give you the custom link that you can share with your known person or anyone else who might be interested in clicking through. 

 When someone click to the link, they get taken directly to your Link Share dashboard where they can see all of your stats and get redirected to whatever product you are promoting. If people purchase something, then you make a good commission. 

10. Awin

Awin is another best affiliate program for beginners. For this program you doesn’t require to have a website, you can join using any of your social media profiles, like YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest. 

For applying to Awin undergo a compliance check verifying their details. Awin offers access to over 21,200 brands, including leading brands and household names. you can visit the company’s advertiser directory and search for any program you want to join and you can make contact someone from the brand to discuss a partnership or collaboration.

URL: Awin

Cost: Deposit $5 to join the program, this will reimburse by Awin once you reach your first payment threshold.

Commission Rate: it varies based on individual seller, they decide the commission rate.

11. GiddyUp 

This affiliate program is suitable for beginners because it provides an affiliate manger and helpful tools to assist you with different features or aspects of this program. 

You can partner with over 150 direct to consumer brands across a range of items like travel, health and wellness and many more. 

GiddyUp also provides a creative library to assist your digital marketing campaigns, real-time data, robust tracking and many other facilities with that you can analyze your performance every month and improve yourself and earn more commission in the future.

URL: GiddyUp

Commission Rate: Varies based on referral types.

Payment Cycle: The 1st and 15th of every month. Earn at least $25 in order to make a withdrawal. 


Important Tips For Successful Affiliate Marketing As A Beginner Without A Website   

Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative way to earn money online without having to create and sell your own products. But when you starts affiliate marketing, one of the most common challenges that beginners experiences is building an audience without using a website.  In order to accomplish this aim, you will need to position yourself in the appropriate niche and produce good content that will connect with the people you intend to attract. While having a website can be helpful, it’s not necessary to get started with affiliate marketing. Here are some important tips for successful affiliate marketing as a beginner without a website:
  1. Choose the right affiliate program: Before you start promoting any products, you need to find an affiliate program that aligns with your interests and values. Look for programs that offer high commission rates, good support, and quality products that are in demand.

  2. Use social media platforms: Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can be great places to promote your affiliate links. You can create posts that highlight the products you’re promoting and include your affiliate link in the caption or comments.

  3. Create engaging content: To get people interested in the products you’re promoting, you need to create engaging content. This can be in the form of blog posts, YouTube videos, or social media posts. Make sure your content is informative, helpful, and interesting to your target audience.

  4. Leverage email marketing: You can use email marketing to build a list of subscribers who are interested in the products you’re promoting. Send out regular newsletters or promotional emails that include your affiliate links.

  5. Participate in online communities: Join online communities related to the products you’re promoting and become an active member. You can share your affiliate links in a helpful and non-spammy way, and provide value to the community by answering questions and providing advice.

  6. Focus on building relationships: Affiliate marketing is all about building relationships with your audience. Focus on providing value and building trust with your followers, rather than just trying to make a quick sale.

  7. Track your results: To see what’s working and what’s not, you need to track your results. Use tools like Google Analytics or affiliate marketing platforms to track clicks, conversions, and earnings.

Remember that affiliate marketing takes time and effort to see results, but with persistence and the right strategies, you can build a successful affiliate marketing business without a website.


In this article, we tried to provide some of the Best Affiliate Programs that doesn’t need a website and by using them you can start making money. There are so many affiliate programs in the market but here we have tried to cover the best affiliate programs for you if you are beginners.
So, it is easier to be an affiliate marketer without having a website to earn a steady income. With all the above affiliate programs you can generate a good income and all these programs are finest for you to start as a beginner. 
So, you can start making money without a website using the right combination of affiliate programs and marketing techniques.
 Now, you have the complete detail, how you can start affiliate marketing without having a website as a beginner and can make money with it. So, if you find this article useful share it with your friends and family and also if you have any query regarding this article do ask in the comment section.
Q.1. Can I become an affiliate without a website?
Ans. Yes, definitely you can become an affiliate without having a website. You can establish perfection in your niche or business idea, leverage more effective and regular growing traffic, and remain freedom of others. But if don’t have a website yet, then also you can make good income with affiliate marketing.

Q.2 How can I start affiliate marketing as a beginner?

Ans. You can start affiliate marketing by joining some of the best affiliate programs such as ClickBank, Amazon associates, ShareA Sale, Rakuten and many other, 
Q.3. How do I start affiliate marketing if I have no websites?
Ans. Absolutely for affiliate marketing, you don’t need to have a website, you only need traffic or audience and it may be on your youtube channel, Instagram, or Facebook. 

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