YouTube Shorts Monetization – Earn Profit With Shorts( 2023)

 YouTube Shorts Monetization – Earn Profit with Shorts(2023)


For long time, most of the YouTube Creators were asking a frequent question that is about YouTube Shorts Monetization. Now Finally, there are few ways you can make money with your YouTube Shorts. Revenue sharing on YouTube Shorts has begin from February, 2023
According to YouTube channel monetization policies, starting February 1, 2023 monetizing partners will be able to earn money from ads that are viewed between videos in the shorts feed. This new revenue sharing model will replace the YouTube Shorts Fund. 
So, now you can also earn money with YouTube Shorts. There are few ways to make money with YouTube Shorts, to know about it keep reading this article.

What Are YouTube Shorts


YouTube Shorts are a video format that allows users to upload a short form of video on YouTube that are:
  • Vertical or at least square
  • Up to 60 seconds long.
  • Segmented, have music, trending sounds, or original audio added.

To create a Short you can film and edit directly through the YouTube app much like Reels or TikTok videos, and then you can upload to YouTube.

Make Money With Advertising Revenue From YouTube Shorts


In 2022, YouTube made a big announcement that’s sure to put a big smile on every YouTube Creators face. As of February 2023, the YouTube Shorts fund is officially gone! Now you can start monetizing your Shorts through the YouTube Partner Program and earn money from video advertisements. This should be much simple and easier than competing with the best shorts creators for a small monthly bonus.


YouTube Shorts Monetization: How Revenue Sharing Works


YouTube creators can now join the YouTube’s Partner Program and earn money with their content. Learn about the requirements and how the revenue sharing model works.
So, what does it means for you? Overall, it means that if you are in the YouTube Partner Program, you can start making money from Shorts right now! 
If you aren’t in the program yet, there are two ways to become eligible and that is:
1. Gain 1,000 subscribers and 10 million public shorts views in the last 90 days.
2. Gain 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours on your long-form videos.

YouTube Partner Program


Once you are in the YouTube Partner Program, only eligible Shorts will earn advertising revenue. Here’s how the shorts should look like, in detail given below:
  1. All content monetizing with ads must follow YouTube’s Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines. On Shorts, only views of content  that follow the YouTube’s advertiser friendly guidelines will be eligible for revenue sharing.
  2. For the purpose of calculating payment’s YouTube won’t count views of Shorts where views are ineligible i.e. non original shorts, such as unedited clips form other’s movie or tv shows, 
  3. Reuploading other creator’s content from YouTube or Other Platform.
  4. Compilations with no original content added.
  5.  Artificial or fake views of Shorts, such as form automated click or scrolls bots.

Ad Formats Eligible For Shorts Revenue Sharing 

Revenue is shared on ads that are viewed between videos in the Shorts Feed. Short views exclusively receive ad revenue sharing from Shorts feed, which is separated from long-form video monetization on the Watch Page.

How YouTube Shorts Monetization Works


 YouTube has announced earlier, Starting from February1, 2023, only monetizing partner who have accepted the Shorts Monetization Module can earn ad revenue from Shorts.
There are four steps to how Shorts ad revenue sharing  or YouTube Monetization works:
1. Pool Shorts Feed ad revenue: Every month revenue from ads running between videos in Shorts Feed gets added together and used to both reward creators and help cover costs of music licensing. 
2. And then Shorts Feed ad revenue will allocate into the Creator pool based on views and music usage across Shorts uploaded by monetizing creators.
  • If you are a monetizing creator uploads a Shorts without any music, all of the revenue associated with its views goes into the creator pool.
  • If you are a monetizing creator uploads a Shorts with music in it, then YouTube will split the revenue associated with its views between creator pool and music partner based on the number of tracks used.

3. Allocation to the Creator Pool – From the overall amount in the Creator Pool, revenue is distributed  to monetizing creators based on their share of total views from monetizing creators Shorts in each country.

4. Apply for the revenue share – Monetizing creators will keep 45% of their allocated revenue, regardless if music was used or not.
So, if you are a creator looking to monetize your Shorts, know that your earnings are based on the number of views you get, your geographical location, and how many music tracks you use.

How Much Money Will You Earn From YouTube Shorts

To become a monetized Shorts Shorts creator, keep in mind that you still need to make extremely popular Shorts to consider it a side hustle.
Brand Sponsorships or Collabortaions
Getting into the YouTube Partner Program to make money with Shorts is a big challenge. You need to go viral a lot or face the difficult task of earning 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. 
With this one option you can earn money but there is another way you can make money with YouTube Shorts, and one of those awesome opportunities is through Brand Sponsorships.
When a brand collaborate with you, they are paying you to advertise a product or service in one of your videos. So you can also earn a good amount with brand sponsorship or collaboration.



So,  by using the above two ways you can earn money with YouTube Shorts – collecting ad revenue based on YouTube Shorts views within creator pool and by getting brand deal or collaborations with different brands. 
To achieve these ways of earnings, you need to make popular Shorts that spread across the YouTube platform. 



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