5 Top Trending Niches For News Blogging In 2024

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5 Top Trending Niches For News Blogging

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Are you thinking to start a blog in the upcoming year? Choosing the trending news blogging niches in 2024 might be a challenging task when you have just started out.  If you want to make lot of money with your news blog, you need to choose one of the best niches for blogging.

Blogging is one of the most successful online money making ways. Once you have found a blog niche, you can start writing useful articles and making money from through your blogs.

What is a blog niche?

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A news blog niche is a chosen subject or idea that will be the focus of all of your news blog posts.

In easy words, a news blog niche is the core or main idea of you blog. To write all your posts you need to choose a specific topic area which will decide what you should post on your blog.

Top trending niches for news blog in 2023

If you want to want to pick the perfect topic for news blog to make money, these five great niches are given below :

  1. Gaming news
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Health and fitness
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Movie & TV Reviews



1. Gaming News 

Video games have become the most trending and dominant form of entertainment and continue to grow each year. And as you can probably think, there is a lot of money to be made in anything related to gaming news.

Blogging about gaming news is a hot way to bring in a steady stream of clicks every day. This industry has a wide scope to make money, the industry is huge and there is lot of breaking news on a daily basis.

Reporting on every leak, rumor, interview, trailer and everything related to gaming allows you to make an endless amount of content.

2. Digital Marketing

If you have a business or marketing background or you have interest in this area, then starting a blog in this niche could be a great idea.

Digital marketing is a huge market out there for blogs that focus on other subjects. It has a good scope of niche opportunities for perfect money blogging ideas. This is another attractive niche, and you can make blog with huge content ideas for more income.

as seen in other niches on your checklist, this is really big one, so you need to find your own blog with a distinct purpose and voice, i.e. marketing, digital marketing, market research, content marketing etc.

3. Health and Fitness

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Online fitness classes have grown in popularity in the current time. Health and fitness are important considerations, and if you blog something in this area, you will surely get a readership and also make good income.

Today health and fitness have become one of the most popular news blogging niches. Blog article topics about health, diet, weight loss are unlimited, so you can share the latest and useful  news about these topics to your audiences.

In the health and fitness category you can choose some of the important niches for news blog i.e. digestive health, anti- ageing, diabetes, arthritis, weight loss, hair loss, skin care and much more.

4. Lifestyle

The lifestyle niche centers around writing about things that interest people personally.

for instance, you might have a lifestyle blog where you can write about food, fashion, and motherhood, hobbies and fulfilling lifelong dreams. In todays time, most people read this lifestyle news to update their self, so it is a popular niches to write blog posts.

5. Movie & TV reviews

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Entertainment is the best way to attract people. Movie and TV reviews have good success throughout the history of the internet, and there is always something new coming out.

As you know today we have many entertainment platform like OTT, social media and so on, the streaming war, just about every service is providing huge shows.

Being able to review the most popular shows, movies is a great way to get traffic. However, it is important to realize this is a competitive market. while you can do some really good numbers, you need to make it different and unique.


So if you are thinking to start a news blog but confused which niche you can use for your blog, now you have the top five trending news blog niches in this article.

Some bloggers just write whatever comes to mind, but if you want good traffic for your blogs then firstly,  you need to choose a good and  trending niche. If you want your blog to make money and develop into something more than just an online journal then you to go ahead and decide on a niche.

This niche will become the pillar or core stregnth on which your news blog will rank. Once you have decided a topic that excites you, capitalize on it to achieve the success and respect you deserve as a blogger.

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