Apollo Diagnostics Centre Franchise – New Business Idea In 2021

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Apollo Diagnostics franchise

 In medical sector Apollo is a renowned name. If we talk about any health related tests or check ups then Apollo is one of the trusted brand in India. In this article we are not going to  discuss about any health related issues but we’ll tell you how you can earn a good income by working with Apollo group. With a small investment you can open Apollo Diagnostics at your place & can earn a good amount on monthly bases. Now Apollo is giving you a opportunity to get their franchise of Apollo Diagnostics Centre.

What is Apollo Diagnostics 

In Apollo Diagnostics Centre people will get pathology services. Where they will get different types of tests. Generally these center called as the PCC (Patient care center) in medical terms. Patients come for their medical tests in this cenerre & the Apollo Diagnostics Centre collects their sample e.g. blood samples etc… These PCC center is just for collecting samples not for the health check ups. After collecting the sample the PCC center send this sample to the central laboratory and from there report related to the tests will be send to the patient on their e- mail id or to their what’s app number. 
                                  Now hopefully you have understood what  Apollo diagnostics center is & how does it works. After getting all the information about Apollo Diagnostics it is obvious you have many doubts and questions about how you can get this Apollo Diagnostics Centre Franchise.



 Procedure To Get  Apollo Diagnostics Franchise 


1. Space/Land : 180-250 sq./ft. area you will need for this diagnostics center
2. Investment : If you want to open a single unit of this diagnostics center then you should invest minimum 3-5 lacs. But if you want to start a Cluster unit of this Apollo Diagnostics Centre then you have to invest at least 15-20 lacs. 
                               In this article we will give you all the information related to the single unit of this Apollo Diagnostics Centre. 
3 Income : With this Apollo diagnostics Franchise you can earn a good income monthly for sure because as we all know that medical sector is only the one sector where you can earn on every day bases. This is the one and only sector where you will never see any major inflation.
                      You will get a good commission on every test by the Apollo group. For different tests Apollo gives you the different commission amount. And also you can earn a good income if your Apollo diagnostics center has located near to any doctors clinic. 
4. How Apollo Group will Help you : After getting all the important information related to the Apollo Diagnostics Franchise now you have one more doubts in your mind that is this diagnostic center will run properly or not ? Dnt worry about this question because when you will get the approval for this diagnostics center by Apollo Group then Apollo group will also helps you to start this franchise successfully. 
            Logistics, Software license, Marketing support, Business development sales team services all this will provided to you by the Apollo Group.   
5. How To Apply For The Franchise : Now you have all the information related to the Apollo Diagnostics Franchise. If you are ready to earn a good income with this evergreen business then just go to the official website of apollo diagnostics i.e. www.apollo diagnostics.in and here on the right side you will see a form now fill this form with your correct details and then submit it and now Apollo group will contact you and after completing all the procedure you will get the Apollo Diagnostics Franchise. For more information related to this franchise business you can also call on the customer care number of Apollo diagnostics. 
                         So now you have all the information how you can open an Apollo Diagnostics center at your place with small investment. 2020-2021 in this two years we all have understood the value of medical helps and medical sector . Corona virus have taught us how much we needed the more diagnostics centers for the heath tests. So if you are thinking to start your own business in 2021 then open an Apollo Diagnostics Centre is very good option for you to earn a good income and also with this you can also help your country people in this pandemic time where we all need more diagnostics centers. 

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