AMUL FRANCHISE – New Business Idea 2021

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Amul Franchise

Amul milk, cheese, ice cream and many more products of this brand we all have used in our daily life. Today we are not talking about having these amul products but in this article we’ll tell you how you can earn a good income by Amul company. Amul is a very popular brand in India and if you are thinking to start your own business then Amul franchise is a very good idea for you. Now obviously you’ll have many questions in your mind about how you will get this Amul Franchise, what will be the investment amount for this business, what will be your income after opening this Amul outlet and so many questions related to this business. 
        In this article you will get all your answers related to this Amul franchise business. 



About Amul Franchise : Amul franchise has two types : 1. Prefered Outlet 
                                                                                             2. Amul Ice Cream Parlor
1. Prefered Outlet : This outlet is also called as Railway Parlour. These types of parlour you have seen mostly on railway stations but this doesn’t mean you can open this outlet only on railway platforms. You can open Amul prefered outlet any where if you have a good land space on a good location. 
 Land/ Space : 100- 150 sq./feet area
 Investment : 25000/- Security deposit ( refundable amount)
                      2 lac rupees maximum For furniture and working capital


2. Amul Ice Cream Parlour : This Outlet also called as Scooping parlour. In this type of Amul outlet you have to invest little more compare to prefered outlet .
 Land/ space : 300-350 sq./feet minimum area 
 Investment : 50000/- security deposit (refundable amount)
                        5-6 lac rupees for opening this outlet. 



3 Income : After opening the Amul franchise outlets rather it is prefered outlet or Amul Ice Cream Parlour you will earn a good income for sure because Amul is very popular brand and mostly people used amul products in their daily life. By selling the amul products you will get  good margins from Amul company e.g. Amul milk pouch – 2.5% margin, 
                                Cheese, butter, lassi & ghee – 10% margin,
                                Ice cream -20% margin,  
                                Recipe based & baked products- 50 % margin
you can calculate that the more products you will sell on daily bases you will get mor income from these amul products . Amul had a huge numbers of products on which they will give you a good margins so you can earn a good amount as your monthly income from this Amul Franchise Business.  Also if will achieve sales target then you will get special incentives from Amul. So with  Amul Franchise you can earn a good income if you have a good land space, small investment amount.
4. Process to get Amul Franchise : If you are ready to earn a good income from Amul Franchise then you should also know the process of applying for this franchise. For Amul Franchise you can call on the official customer care number of Amul and the number is 022-68526666 & also you can go to the official website i.e. and from here you will have all the details related to Amul Prefered outlet and Amul Ice Cream parlor.
                            So if you are thinking to start your own business and want a good earning then Amul Franchise will be a good idea for you. As we all know that Amul is very popular brand for many products wether its about milk, ice cream, cheese, lassi, dahi or any amul products a large number of Indian population is using these products so you can imagine the sale of these products and the income form this Amul franchise. 

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