HALDIRAM’S FRANCHISE – Business Idea In 2021

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Haldiram’s is an Indian sweets, snacks and restaurant based company. Haldiram’s has manufacturing plants in a wide variety locations such as Nagpur, New Delhi, Gurugram, Rudrapur and Noida. Haldirams’s has its own retail chain stores and big range of restaurants in various parts of India.


As India’s most popular brand for sweets & snacks Haldiram’s also offers a wide range of namkeens, cookies, frozen foods, wraps and many more products. Haldiram’s manufactures and sells more than
100 products. Haldiram’s also exports their products to many other countries. 

Haldiram’s Franchise / Distributership

Haldiram’s is the most favorite savory and sweet brand of India that offers all the franchises amazing opportunities to start their new business. The brand has now achieved global popularity with an exceptional presence in more than 23 countries when you take up Haldiram’s franchise, you start enjoying the benefits instantly as being already a well established snacks brand, you do not need to pt extra efforts into establishing the brand. Haldiram’s is loved by people of all ages, all over the country for all of its products. 
                       The truly awesome range of products offered by Haldiram’s is an unmatched and most favorite. You will not have to spent a lot of amount o brand promotions and marketing to achieve profits. You just need to spend only for franchise fees and there no additional or hidden costs underlying  for the business.
Haldiram’s operates in three formats for its franchise :
  1. Casual Dinning
  2. kiosk 
  3. Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)
To get Haldiram’s Franchise you will need some information such as investment cost, land or space , which  documents you will need , how to apply etc… in this article you will get all the information about how you can get Haldiram’s Franchise.

 1. Investment 

To get Haldiram’s franchise your investment will depend on the land you have for this business. If you have your own land or property for this Haldiram’s outlet then it is obvious you dnt need to invest a larger amount but if you have rented property for this business then you have to invest a bigger amount. Haldiram’s operates in three formats and these three formats has different investment plan :
. Casual Dinning : Land/ Property – If you have your own land or property then you dnt need any amount.
                                For Rented property  : 50 – 1 crore. 
                                Brand Security : 10 – 15 lac.  
                                Restaurant Cost : 20 – 50 lac. 
                                Staff salary : 2 – 5 lac
                                Other Charges : 1 – 2 lac. 
. Kiosk : Land / Property – For your own property you dnt need to invest any amount. 
                                              For Rented Property :  20- 50 lac. 
                                              Brand Security : 5 -10 Lac. 
                                              Restaurant Cost : 10 -30 lac. 
                                              Staff Salary : 1 – 3 lac.
                                              Other charges : 4 – 5 lac.
. Quick Service Restaurant : If you want to open this Restaurant at your place then you have to invest a bigger amount because for this franchise you have to open a big restaurant of Haldiram’s. 
For land : If you have rented property then 80 – 1.5 crore.
Brand Security : 20 – 40 lac. 
Restaurant Cost : 20 – 50 lac. 
Staff Salary : 5 -10 lac. 


Other charges : 10 lac approx. 
 2.land / Property : If you are interested to get Haldiram’s franchise and wants to earn a good income from this business then you need a good location for this outlet. Haldiram’s will gives you there franchise only at one condition and that is only if you have a good property location. 
Size / Area : 1. Casual Dinning : 1000 – 1500 sq. / ft. 
                     2. Kiosk : 500 – 1000 sq./ ft. 
                     3. Quick Service Restaurant : 2000 – 2500 sq./ft. 
3. Documents : To get Haldiram’s Franchise you just need Id proof like Adhaar card, voter Id , address proof, bank account details, Email ID, phone number, your photograph. 
4. Information : For more information like how to apply for this profitable Haldiram’s Franchise you can go to the official website of Haldiram’s  i.e.  www.haldirams.com 
          So if your interested to start  this Haldiram’s Franchise at your place then dnt waist your time to think more because Haldiram’s is one of the most trusted brand in India. To start this outlet you dnt need any promotion  for your outlet because Haldiram’s is already a famous brand not only in India but also in many other counties. If you will start  Haldiram’s at your place then definetly you will earn a good income , you will have a good & success. 
                          Now you have all the details to start Haldiram’s Franchise but if you have any more questions or doubts related to this article then you can also comment to us.

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