Make Money With Meesho App – Best Way To Earn From Home In 2021

Meesho App –  Best Way To Earn From Home


Many people wants to start their own business but as we all know to start any new business we need big amount to invest. But today we will suggest you a very popular business model with Zero investment .Yes , with zero investment you can earn a good income monthly . Meesho app is not only a online shopping app but meesho also gives you an opportunity for earning from home. 

What Is Meesho App :

 Meesho is an Indian social  e-commerce company, headquartered in Bengaluru.  meesho App allows anyone to start their business with zero investment. It is one of the largest social commerce platforms, especially in India in which anyone can start their online business. All a user needs to do is resell the products to your contacts. meesho app is available on both Google play store and IOS app store. 
    It enables small businesses and individuals to start their online stores via social channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. 




How to Start Business With meesho App 
Today we are living in the time where almost everyone is using online  platforms for shopping weather it is about buying cloths, groceries, kitchen appliances, home decorative items or sending some gifts to their loved ones in any where in the world.


You can even start a career online with Zero investment. meesho is one of the best and fastest growing names in the world of social commerce. With a huge reseller base, the app has managed to attract resellers from every part of the country. If you are interested to work with meesho then you need to follow few important steps , which are given below :
1. Download The meesho App :  Do you want to start your online business with zero investment then dnt waist your time and download the meesho App in your smart phone. This is a very good opportunity for women who wants to start their own business from home. Over 1 crore women across India have found a source of income, an opportunity to start their own business on their own and also from their home.
  After downloading the meesho App you will find there multiple categories and thousand of products listed on meesho. You can select the product you want to sell , share images and description on what’s App and to the other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to increase your sell , and to attract new customers to your brand . On meesho app you just need to register your contact number and  you dnt need to give any other details. 




2. Ordering :  After you share products, you will start receiving enquiries. you can add your margin on the top of the product charges and shipping charges, and share the final price with your customer. When your customer confirms the order, place the order on the meesho app. You will receive all notifications regarding the status of your order. your customer will receive their order within next 2-3 working days. 




Here you need to decide your profit margin out of the total price of the product. You will receive your profit margin into your bank account on the 15th day of order delivery, including your Cash On Delivery orders. And also if you will beat your weekly targets you will receive bonus amount by meesho.
 Some people have testified to having earned over a lakh every month by reselling on meesho  app. The good thing is that there are absolutely no loses because it does not require any investment. On average , most of the resellers earn up to RS. 25000 per month.

For Further Details  

Now you have all the important details regarding how you can start your own business with meesho app. But if you want some more information then you can go to the official website of meesho. 
So if you want to start your own business then meesho is the best option for you. With Zero investment you can earn a good income with online reselling at meesho App. meesho is one stop solution for women, students and for many people who want to pursue their career ,earn money to fulfill their dreams by sitting at home. with one tap, you will be able to start your own business with Zero investment. All you need to do is just sit any where in the world, take your smart phone and just  do three simple steps i.e. Browse, Share and Earn .
                        So in this article we have provide all the details and information about how you can start your own business with meesho App but if you have any other doubts related this business you can also ask in the comments section. 

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