How To Start Pickle Making Business In 2022-23 – Investment, Profit, & Important Steps

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 How To Start Pickle Making Business 


Pickles not only increase the taste of your food but also make it more delicious to say. In India pickle is the most favorite and important dish in the Indians plate. So if you are thinking to start a business with low investment, then Pickle Or Achaar  business is the good option for you.  There is a huge market for it and you can start this business with minimum investment. 
You can start this business either from your home or you can arrange for a good manufacturing unit. Based on the huge market demand, this business is easy as well as more profitable. 
In today’s scenario, to start a business you need a huge amount of investment but to start Pickles Business you don’t need a big amount of investment.
Pickles form a traditional food item of our country which is quite popular. One can find them easily in every Indian home. Pickles are prepared by preserving different fruits and vegetables in vinegar or bring along with the different spices and other ingredients. 
A pickle business- be it domestic or export oriented, is easy to start and run because the pickle making procedure is simple, and the equipment and space required are minimal and also you don’t need a big amount to invest to start this business. 
Apart from Indian markets, pickles are also in great demand abroad. To start this business you just need to follow some steps, which are given below : 

Investment For Pickles Making Business

To start this Pickles business you don’t need a big amount to invest. You can start the business of  pickles with small investment of just Rs. 10000 to 15000 because you can keep the pickles handmade in the initial period. Nowadays, the craze for home food is the highest and for the home food lovers pickles are the most favorite food item to buy. 


For a home pickle business, you will need only raw material, the rest you can make pickles by working people from tour home. 
These are the following investment you will need for establishing a pickle business, whether you are planning to manufacture it on an  industrial scale, or are planning to make pickles at home. 

Home Business – An investment of around Rs. 10,000 to 15,000 in jars, utensils, and ingredients should be enough seed money. 

Manufacturing Business – The cost of machinery and labour will be included in the total investment cost. 

More Important Steps Start Pickle Business

To start pickle business there are various steps you will need to follow :
1. Which Pickle to Produce
To start this business first you need to decide which type of pickle you want to produce. There are many varieties of pickles you can produce, such as mango pickle, lemon pickle, carrot pickle, radish pickle, mix veg pickle etc…
Pickles come in a variety of tastes i.e. sweet, sour, sweet and sour, and acerbic pickles. each variety of pickles has its own customer base. You need to choose your pickle type depending upon which type of consumers you are catering to.
2. Manufacturing Infrastructure 
Before you start manufacturing you will need a manufacturing infrastructure in place. you will need capital and equipment before you start making pickles.
Fewer Equipment – For pickle making you need minimal equipment, limited only the vessels utilize to mix the ingredients and to preserve the pickle and jars to store it in. If you are thinking to start a big unit of this business then you need a few pieces of machinery such as cutting machine, pickle machine or pickle mixing.


Space – For pickle making business you do not need a large area to produce high quality pickles in good volume. With a small amount of investment you can lease a small area to kick start a pickle production.

3. Procedure of Registration and License 

There are various license and registrations are an important part for this business. To start a pickle making business you need to get various registrations and license from the related authority. some of the important license and registrations are : 
FSSAI – Food Safety and Standards Authority Of India ( FSSAI) is responsible for protecting and promoting the health and well being of the consumers through the regulation and supervision of food safety and quality. FSSAI is an autonomous body established under the Ministry Of Health and Family Welfare, Government Of India. 
FSSAI registration is mandatory for every food business operator in India. Entities operating in the food sector are obligated to follow FSSAI’s rules that regulate the entire aspects of supply chain of food, be it production, packaging, or marketing. The grant of FSSAI license is done through an online application. The interested applicant can apply online at the FSSAI’s online portal called FOSCOS and fill a relevant e- form. FSSAI usually considers the scope of business, annual turnover, and also the production capacity as the key criteria for the grant of food license in India. 
FSSAI grants different licenses 
1. Basic FSSAI registration
2. State FSSAI registration
3. Central FSSAI registration
The FSSAI registration underpins the extensive guidelines for manufacturing and packaging of food items following a hygienic procedure, therefore ensuring that the business delivers quality products. FSSAI registration helps business instill trust among the masses and strengthen their position.
Shop Act – Shop act license are those which are required before you establish a shop within any municipality limits. This act regulates the payment of wages, work hours, the holidays required to given, terms of service, and other requirements and conditions for a shop. This act also applies to a pickle business as well.
Other registrations 
Along with these, you also need a GST registration, Udyog Aadhar registration, PAN Card registration and business entity registration. For partnership pickle business you need to get it registered under the Companies Act, 2013, and if you are going for a sole proprietorship, then  registration under the Companies Act is not required.
For all these procedure you also need to provide valid address proof .

4. Preservation and Storage 


To start Pickle making business you will also need proper storage and preservation facilities. you will also need storage and space to preserve your ingredients and the pickles. If you are trying to establish a home business, you will need minimal space to storage. But if you want to start a large scale pickle business, you will need dedicated storage for your raw material and final food product. 

5. Packaging and Pricing 

Before you sell the pickles to your consumer, you will need to focus on good and attractive packaging. Package material will depend on your budget. You can either store your products in glass jars, plastic jars or any other material equipped to store the finished product. 


After packaging you will also need to price your product appropriately. You should price your product around the standard market price. 

6. Promotion 

To attract consumers you can use many promotional tools for your business. you will need to use these marketing ideas or tools efficiently to attract more consumers at minimum price. To promote your business you can use the traditional method of marketing i.e. advertisements, direct marketing etc.. or you can promote your products online. For that you need to build a website and create a social media account to increase your reach to your customers.


So if you are thinking to start a Pickle Business then follow all the above steps. Pickle business is easy to establish and run owing to the relaxed legal prerequisites and low cost. You can start this business with a small amount and run it successfully. 
In short the Pickle Making Business is a lucrative business opportunity that doesn’t need or requires a big capital and labour . It is a great business idea you can start from the comfort of your home.
It has a great earning potential and after that you can expand this business.
So now you have all the related details about the Pickle Making Business, if you find this article useful share it with your friends and family and also if you have any doubt you can also ask in the comment box.

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