Know Everything About Tata EV Charging Station Franchise – Complete Detail

electric car, charging station, e car-2545290.jpg

Know Everything About Tata EV Charging Station Franchise- Complete Detail

electric car, charging station, e car-2545290.jpg

Tata EV  charging station franchise program providing a good opportunity to earn good income for new and aspiring entrepreneurs and small businessman.

As we all know the demand for electric vehicles is increasing day by day. That’s why almost every automobile company in India have started making electric vehicles.

Now a large quantity of electric vehicles are being manufactured, it is obvious that the demand for electric charging stations will also increase. That is why many companies in India started making power charging stations for these vehicles. And in this, one such company is Tata Power.

In this article, we will provide you the complete detail about Tata EV Charging Station Franchise, so that you can open a Tata Power Station at your land or space and  earn a good income.

 An Overview Of The Tata EV Charging Stations Franchise

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Established in 1919, Tata Power is India’s leading energy solutions provider and it has been providing electric vehicle(EV) charging solutions since 2015. Now Tata Power has launched its franchise program to expand its reach and services in the EV charging area. As of now, Tata Power has installed more than 650 charging stations across 40+ major Cities In India.

Tata EV Charging Stations Franchise program is designed to help  small businesses and new entrepreneurs set up their electric charging stations at their place. Tata power also gives finance options  to those franchisees who are interested to set up their EV charging stations. Also the company offers maintenance services for its EV Charging stations.

In simple word’s, to get Tata EV Charging Franchise, you will need to meet certain eligibility criteria, such as Having financial resources with good business experience. In addition, you may need to make some initial investment to start this franchise business.

For this franchise, Tata Power provides end-to-end services, from captive charger installations to maintenance. The EV charging stations uses the latest technology and also has a mobile app, through which any one can locate the nearest Tata charging station, can check the availability of the charging points, can pay online etc..

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What You Required To Get Tata EV Charging Stations Franchise

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License And Registration Required

For recent time, to boost the electric vehicle charging station ecosystem, the Indian government has delicensed the public charging station ventures. You require minimum documents to get this franchise,

  • Permission from local DISCOM
  • Business registration- sole proprietorship/LLP/Pvt. limited
  • Valid land documents/ lease agreements
  • Business insurance( If needed)

If you don’t have full amount or capital to invest then you can approach banks for Business loan.

Franchise Costs or Investment

The Cost of setting up a Tata EV Charging Stations depends on the station type and location. Investment amount can vary as which type of station you want to set up i.e.

  1. DC fast charging station – Range between 30 lakhs to 50 lakhs
  2. AC charging stations – Range between 2 to 3 lakhs 

Service providers will also need to pay a one-time registration fee of RS. 50,000 to Tata Power.

Location or Space

The franchise’s location is important to attract consumers and get good profits. A location near a highway or in a dense populated  area will definitely provide you more profit.

You need 1500 to 2000 square feet of space to start Tata EV Charging Stations Franchise.


Revenue Streams of  Tata EV Charging Stations Franchise

  1. Installation and maintenance charges – Tata EV Charging station franchise owner can charge an amount as installation and maintenance fee.
  2. Usage Charges – Tata EV Charging franchise owner can also charge an amount as fee from customers for using the charging stations.
  3.  advertisement revenue – As a owner of this franchise you can also use your space for advertising other products to earn extra income.
  4. Commission on EV sales – As an owner you can also earn commission on electric vehicles sales made through their charging stations
  5. Subscription – You can also offer subscription packages to your customers and generate extra income.

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How To Get TATA Power EV Charging Stations Franchise

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You can contact Tata Power on their toll-free number 1800-209-5161. You can also visit to their official website or send email to

Also, visit them at – Tata Power, Bombay House, 24 Homi Mody street, Mumbai – 400 001.

Also make sure there is no other electric power charging station in a 2-5 kilometers radius from your station location.


TATA is an Indian multinational union company, and it has a division called TATA Power that is involved in the development of EV Charging Infrastructure in the country. Tata power is providing you the opportunity to get the franchise of Tata EV charging Stations at your place.

So if you have a good amount to invest, and a good location for Tata EV Charging station, then what Are you waiting for? Don’t waste time, now we have provided you the complete detail to get this franchise in this article. If you are interested to start this franchise, this article will help you.

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