Mobile Franchise Business

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Mobile Franchise Business —

Today smart phones or mobile phones are the need of every one . We all are using mobile phones in our daily life not only for calling but also for our work , studies & for many things . But you can also earn from mobile or smart phones . You can start your own business with Xiaomi mobile franchise.

Mobile Franchise :  Xiaomi is a popular brand in mobile phone industry. We all know that this is a very famous and a reliable brand in mobile phones so if you want to start your business then mobile franchise business is very good idea for you. In the upcoming days Xiaomi will open more than 100 retail stores in India. Also they will start 6000 store in next 2 years. If will talk about the ranking of mobile companies then Xiaomi is the No. 1 smart phone company in India. It has the 27.63% market share in India. 

                               Xiaomi is also planning to expand its business in India in upcoming years so if you are planning to start your business then you can get the Xiaomi Mobile Franchise very easily. 


What do you need for a mobile franchise business : As you know that to start a new business you have many more questions or doubts in your mind e.g. how much investment needed , land or space for the store, business success etc…. Dnt worry about these doubts . All the doubts you have will be clear in this article.
1. Land for store  :  Your need 300  square.feet average size for your store . Area design for the store should be of 1200 sq. feet. Xiaomi also wanted to open their store in village so if you want to open  your  Xiaomi mobile franchise in village. You can also open 2 stores in village of this franchise.   
  2.How to apply: For Xiaomi mobile franchise you can apply on the official website of Xiaomi .     
   3. Investment:  For a good earning you have to invest first . If you want to earn a good income with this mobile franchise business you have to invest at least 12-18 lacs. You have to invest  6-8 lacs for   stock in this civil fixer stock, security deposit will be included . After 2 years retailer deposit will refunds you by Xiaomi.                 
   4. Earning  :  Xiaomi mobiles are very popular in India it has a very big market here in India . As we all know that smart phones are the first choice of every one . Xiaomi is a reliable company in mobile market so you will start their franchise you can earn a good income every month. According to Xiaomi mobile company earning or income from this mobile franchise will depend on you. Your market skills, market management will increase you income more and more by the time. 
    When you will start this Xiaomi mobile franchise Xiaomi will also help you to start this business. Xiaomi will also help you in store operation, training, branding online production development.
              So Mobile franchise business with Xiaomi mobile company is a good idea for you to increase your income. follow a simple procedure of applying for this franchise, small investment with a good location will help you to start   this interesting Mobile franchise business.                                                                                                         

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