FBA(fulfilled by Amazon) V/S MFN(Fulfilled by Merchant).

FBA(fulfilled by Amazon) V/S MFN(Fulfilled by Merchant)

 In this blog, We learn about how FB works for Amazon india sellers. In Amazon, every online order is fulfill in 2 ways in Amazon, first is Merchant fulfilled and second is fulfilled by Amazon. 

Fulfilled by Merchant MFN simply refers to sellers shipping their own products directly from their own homes, businesses, or
warehouses after receiving orders through Amazon. This means that locating the stock, packing the orders, arranging the shipping, and providing all customer service is the direct responsibility of the seller. Fulfilled by Amazon(FBA) Sellers who use FBA pay fees to store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers as well as for Amazon’s world-class fulfillment services. Sellers just have to manage their catalogs and pricing structure. 
When an order is placed for a seller’s FBA product, Amazon receives the information, picks the stock from the shelves, packs it, and ships it. Amazon also provides the customer service for all FBA products. 

These services are covered by Amazon’s FBA fulfillment fees, which are based on the size and weight of items sold. Amazon also imposes short and long-term storage fees, so the longer an item stays in FBA inventory, the more fees a seller will incur. Advantages of using FBA  One major FBA advantage is that you become eligible for a prime tag on your products. 

furthermore,  eligible to offer Prime shipping to your customers. Over having the capacity to take advantage of Amazon Prime customers, you’ll also increase your chances of winning the Buy Box because “fulfillment method” has a heavyweight in Amazon’s algorithm, with preference given to FBA listings.  Another FBA advantage is that numerous Amazon customers know what they want and are willing to pay for it.

According to Amazon, almost half of their customer base refuses to buy from sellers who do not use FBA. This makes sense, considering that not just shipping, but also customer service, are so important to those who subscribe to Prime.  As an FBA seller, you can offer
all of the shipping options that Amazon does, no matter the size
of your business. You also gain access to Amazon’s remarkably efficient shipping and distribution network, along with access to Amazon’s discounted shipping rates.  Faster shipping especially
pleases Amazon Prime customers, who are accustomed to taking
advantage of free Prime 2-day shipping

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