Who should not pursue online business-

Who should not pursue online business

Many of us think that Amazon, flipkart, eBay etc. provides
their dealership but this is not what really happens and secondly many
people also assume that they can get logistic service in any city of the online
portals like Amazon, flipkart etc. so as to deliver the respective products which is again not
Introducing some points for those who cannot pursue an online business:
(a)Basic Computer knowledge
Before starting an online business you must have the basic knowledge of
computer so that in future if you receive an order or if you face any query regarding the product
then you could send an E-mail to that company.
So, if you don’t have the knowledge of basic computer which includes
sending an E-mail then you should not go for online business. Not only this but
also once you start an online business then you have to upload the photographs
of the product or sometimes you may have to resize the image of the product or sometimes you may even
have to fulfill the requirements of the company. So, these things will only be
possible if have the basic knowledge of computer otherwise you won’t be able to
manage that. This is why if you don’t have the knowledge of the Basic computer you might face
(b)Knowledge of
Secondly, you should have the ability to understand and write in English.
The main use of the English is when you receive or have to send an E-mail
to the company regarding the issue of product or payment. To resolve these
queries you have to send E-mails to the company. If your English is not okay
means you find it hard to understand and write then you might not be able to get to know if any change
has been done in company’s policy. So, if you are really hoping to start an
online business you should start learning the basic English from now onwards.
(C)Good sense of
Third and one of the most important point is after watching the promotional ads of online companies people get influenced and think of pursuing it because they think find it easy and less time consuming to generate a good amount of income from it and also think that their brands will reach heights within short period of time but again it is not completely true.
It is not like that you cannot generate good amount of income but you should remember one thing that “there is no shortcut to get success and fame”. Everything takes time and  hardwork and a good amount of investment and risk as well. So, never ever get influenced by such promotional ads instead you should do a proper research before starting online business.
(d)Risk Taking

Forth point to remember is that online business is not for those persons who hesitate in taking risks because online business is very risky and only a risk taker should go for it.

 Sometimes in the online business it is not mandatory that a product which is getting a good response in terms of selling will always get a profitable response. It has also been observed that sometimes sale of the product also gets reduced or gets stop. Therefore, in online business you have to regularly update your products.


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