How to sell products online in India A to Z Information

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How to sell
products online in India
A to Z Information
INDIA, A to Z Information
In this
lesson, we will learn how to pursue an online business. This lesson is for
those who are thinking of starting their own business or those who already have
started one. But you have to read this lesson very carefully only after that
you will be able to understand it. Get yourself a pen and a copy and note every
information that seems to be important otherwise you won’t be able to
understand that. This lesson might get a bit long because in this lesson we
will try to cover all those topics regarding online business to clear your


What product will you sell?
Do you want
to pursue an online business?  Then the
first thing you need is the “Product”. If you are a manufacturer then you might
have a product otherwise if you aren’t a manufacturer then you have to search
for the product. If you want to search the product, the things you should
ponder are listed below.
1. The
weight of the product must be less.
2. The
volumetric weight of the product must be less too meaning the size of the
product must be small because our logistics cost depends on both of these
factors only.
3. The
products must not get damaged easily. Friends it has been seen many times that
the product gets damaged while passing through the logistics phase. So, try to
sell that type of products that do not get damaged easily.
4. A good
profit margin should be there on the product because on the product companies
take their commission, logistic fees are deducted, collection charge is also
deducted, we have to pay the tax and after that, at last, we receive the final
The most
important thing when you want to do online business is to take care of choosing
a good product, introducing a good product line only after that think of
selling that product.
Where will be the business place?
After that
comes Business place means from where to start a business. It is very important
that how good is our business place. If you have your own space or your own
shop or your own office then nothing is better than that cause you don’t have
to pay the rent and if you are thinking to start the business that would be the
best because it will save your expenses. But if you are thinking to take a
building on rent then you don’t need to look for an expensive building. Rent
should be a minimum that would be better for you because it doesn’t require a
prime location you can anywhere take a building for rent. Just remember there
should be enough space for your logistics partner to carry their respective
vehicle there.
The GST Process
the business place you are going to choose, the GST number should be easily
available there. So, friends remember this thing whenever you choose a business
place. Friends we have covered two topics till now product and business place.
Friends when we will have a business place after that we will register in GST.
Friends requirements for registration in GST are Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, if you
have taken an office on rent then rent agreement is required and also
Electricity bill, bank statement of saving account and 4-5 photographs.
The Registration with Online
You require
Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, rent agreement, electricity bill plus two additional
documents that will be Current Account and Digital Signature. In Digital
signature you just have to sign on a white paper and then upload it wherever
online companies require it. Friends if you want to get registered with
snapdeal then you have to register on the site If you want
to get register with Paytm then register on site and if want
to get register with Amazon then register on-site and if you
want to get register with Flipkart then register on The
documents which I made you aware of only these documents they will ask you for
and after that, they will register you for their online business. Mates these
companies will provide you the basic training and then they will provide you a
seller panel. Seller Panel is the Panel from where you operate the business
with these companies.
Now after
getting registered we list our products in its which we call as the Product
listing. Friends whichever product you want to sell you have to click its
photographs with white background. Secondly, remember the dimensions of the
product should be clear, the pictures of the product should be clear. Regarding
this, we already have made a lesson on our YouTube channel.
listing the products we would have been provided two options
1. Selling
of Branded products.
2. Selling
of Unbranded products.
products are those which are of famous and recognized companies. For that you
have to get an authorized letter of that brand then only you would be able to
sell their product or if you want to sell your own product or want to sell any
product of open market then also you have to provide the product a brand name.
If you want a brand name for that you have to register for the trademark that
we will cover later.
When your
products get listed within a few hours your products gets live by the listing
team. When your products get live you start receiving orders. When you start
receiving orders then try to process your order within a day or at the same day
because the faster products get delivered to the customer the minimum will be
the chances of cancellation or returning of the product. Before shipping the
product check whether it is working properly or not. Package the product well
before shipping it to reduce the chances of damage.
company has their commission rate which they will deduct and plus logistics
charge, tax, collection fees, closing fees and then you will be provided the
money. So, whenever you sell the product you should look after these
criteria’s. These online companies provide you the payment within 5-7 days of
delivery of the product. Payment is being done through NEFT or through the provided
current account.
In online
marketing returning of products is a major issue. In such cases, mention on POD
that how the box is getting delivered to you. If your logistics partner doesn’t
provide you POD then make a lesson while opening the box. If in case the
returned product is damaged or the box is empty or any other issue then you can
approach for the claim. At that time just remember to click the photographs of
the damaged product.


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